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"The time is coming when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, and that time is here already. You see, the Father too is actively seeking such people to worship Him. God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth."

John 4: 23 & 24

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Fresh Fire Records presents, WORSHIP INTO THE HEAVENLIES- This New Worship CD features ALL ORIGINAL WORSHIP SONGS. This worship CD was created to flow from one song to the next, so you can stay in God's presence, song after song. This is INTENSE WORSHIP, PASSIONATE WORSHIP, POWERFUL WORSHIP, AWESOME WORSHIP that takes you Into The Heavenlies. This worship CD has a CONTEMPORARY MULTI-CULTURAL CORPORATE & SOLO THRONE ROOM WORSHIP style. This worship CD features songs like, "I FALL ON MY KNEES, YOU'RE THE KING OF MY LIFE, HE IS THE LAMB, LIVING SACRIFICE, MORE OF YOU, TAKE ME IN LORD, AND ALL THE SAINTS CRY OUT HOLY."

The singers and musicians are some of the best in the nation. Musicians that played with Amy Grant played on this project. Mitch Kenitzer sings lead on several of the songs. The singing group "Three Bridges," that Mitch Kenizter sings with recently has had a song on the Christian music charts. He has a humble heart after God and his voice has a very clean crisp jazzy Kenny Rogers sound. Angela Primm sings lead on four of the songs of this CD. Angie Primm's soulful voice powerfully carries these new worship songs to a new level. She has sung on many other gospel CDs and she travels with well-known ministers; because of the skill and anointing. Currently she works on staff at a church in the Nashville area. Ray "Chip" Davis has an airy voice and he sings “More Of You” on this CD. Chip has sung background vocals on many of the Christian CDs out today. Cheryl Lundberg has a soprano ethereal voice and she sings lead on, "Take Me In Lord."

The order of the songs was designed to flow easily to one song to the next. This corporate and solo worship CD was created for those who want to deeply worship God, staying in God's presence from one song to another without having an abrupt change in music. Cheryl Lundberg; one the songwriters on this CD has collected her favorite new original worship songs and complied them together, updating and refining them. This is a top quality recording and has had complete access to a 5 million recording studio.

Producer, Songwriter and Singer, Cheryl Lundberg has written five songs on this CD and co-written three other songs two of them with other worship leaders. Cheryl has a solo CD, entitled, “Forevermore.” This CD has five of her songs that are currently being used in an independent movie. That independent movie is, “Karla Faye Tucker, Forevermore.” "Forevermore" has aired on the Daystar Network and Trinity Broadcasting Network. Currently the movie is being seen in prison throughout the USA. You can see more about the movie by visiting: www.forevermorethemovie.com

Cheryl Lundberg currently lives in the state of Arizona and has worked in the music industry for 10 years and she was CEO of a gospel label and she had a billboard release that topped the Gospel charts. She was CEO and part owner in one record label and President/CEO and owner of another record label. Cheryl has been a worship leader and has traveled with several ministers across the country leading worship and has traveled internationally singing and ministering. Cheryl Lundberg has written music in several other musicals as well as written an entire musical entitled, “The Lamb - The Musical.” Cheryl Lundberg currently a Worship Leader at , "Gathering Of The Worshippers," worship meetings in Phoenix, Arizona. You can see more at: www.gatheringoftheworshippers.com

Personal Note From Cheryl: The Lord put on my heart to re-write all my worship songs and take out anything that does not point towards Him, anything that does not love Him and adore Him. So I began to rework each song, changing a word here and there. After I traveled and ministered in Germany this past summer I realized that much of the worship in USA was not about worshiping God for who He was, but rather for what we can get from Him. Asking Him for something, not worship, not adoration, not passionate love songs to Him. Many worship songs I heard in Germany were about having a clean heart towards God, pure worship of adoration towards Him. My desire is to see God's people come back to true worship. Worshiping God, because He is God. Not asking God to do something for us, but worshiping Him, telling Him how much we love Him and worshiping Him because of His shed blood and because there is no one like Him! Our God wants to have passionate fellowship with us. He is coming back as a Bridegroom, coming for the Bride He loves so much!!! We should be singing loving worship songs to Jesus. We should be crying out for fellowship with Him, and the only thing we should be asking Him for is to fellowship with Him and asking for Him to purify us as His spotless Bride. He has paid such a high price for us. Worshiping Him is the least we can do.
Worship Into The Heavenlies

It's time to worship with such passion that we WORSHIP INTO THE HEAVENLIES. It's time for us to enter into powerful, intense worship with our God. It's time that we worship with great passion to Jesus our Lord, our soon coming Bridegroom. It's time to fall in love with Jesus. It's time to turn all of our worship songs towards the Lord Jesus Christ. Our worship needs to be the best we can give Him. Our worship needs to be songs with words that sing about Jesus, not about us and what we can get from Him. Songs need to be about the greatness of our God. Songs need to adore Him, love Him, giving Him all the glory, honor and praise. Let's worship Him. Let's turn our heart towards God once again. It's time to give our lives as a living sacrifice, our TRUE WORSHIP. Let's give God everything we can in worship!

-Cheryl Lundberg

Worship Leader, Songwriter of the Worship CD, "Worship Into The Heavenlies."

The Best Worship!