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"The CD is fantastic, radical, revolutionary, innovative, anointed, cutting edge and refreshingly different. A perfect example of what divinely-inspired gospel artists can do when touched by the Creator" Am blown away !

Its indeed a God inspired collection of melodies. Each song in the CD carries a powerful message very personal to me. The songs lifted my spirit to another level ! Thank you Cheryl for this great inspiration. I'm optimistic you are in HIS perfect and powerful hands. To HIM alone be the glory!

Chiddy & Brenddy(Italy)


A assemble that defines gospel's best! In this powerful gospel collection of splender'jubilee songs will joy to your heart and make hunger for more. We will be adding in HOT ROTATION this unique blend of gospel/ Christian and soul`

HIGHER GROUND RADIO & Timeless classics syndicated radio show.  

Reviewer: Billy Dee - Radio air personality in the USA www.radiomusicproduction.com


I like the cd very much. It's fresh,pure worship, that touches your heart! It's nice listening to the cd, the voices are pretty, and every time I hear new things in the songs. Blesses you in everything!!

Reviewer: Goos Dop from Holland

Anointed...Yes, this worship is! This is really very good worship. When I listen to this worship I just wanna cry with all of my heart and still this is not enough! My heart wants to just blow up as I listen!

Reviewer: Rein from Country of Estonia


This CD is one of the best, if not the best worship CD's I've ever heard.  If is the desire of the listener to be given a taste of true Heavenly worship, this is the CD to listen to.  The sound is a mixture of contemporary and gospel, and yet it is also ethereal. This is a high quality production that engages the soul in worship as it truly exults Jesus.

Rebecca Bauer, musician/worship team member Buchanan CU Church USA


WOW WOW WOW It ushers you right in to the presence of the Lord. I can't wait till the whole world is singing your music. It's from the throne of heaven.

Reviewed by James Huey - Praise & Worship Leader of Eastland Assembly Of God Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma and also James is songwriter of the song, "When I Think About The Lord." USA


Thank you for this wonderful blessing.  I have worshipped to it 16 times in three days!  It is intense, passionate, and real worship.  You bring us into the presence of God and help us to receive the blessing of God's love.  The production quality is equally great.  This is a wonderful worship tool!  If only the church knew how to worship like this.

Thanks, James A. Laine, Ph.D. USA


I listened to the song " I Fall On My knees".  I had to pull my car off the road, I began to cry and my hands were lifted up. That song touched me!!  I had a sweet time with the Lord…I'm going to listen to that song" I Fall On My Knees" in the  morning, at noon and my drive home from work. The CD was off the chain!!

Devorah Davis of Phoenix, Arizona USA


The Worship CDs you send us have been a great encouragement to us. You send us the songs in advance to prepare us for great battle and they became the only source of encouragement. When we could not manage to travel, when our house was burned, when we lost our only car through fire, when our house properties went in to fire, when we lost a home, when our church began facing great challenges, when we became poor your songs were the only source of encouragement.

Pastor Richard and Selpher of Kenya Africa


Worship Into The Heavenlies

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